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A breath mark is used in musical notation to tell the performer to pause and take a breath. We invite you to take a breath from your busy day and recharge your spirit through making music!  


Our purpose is to fulfill who we are designed to be through the enjoyment of music & the arts and through a quality music education that is enjoyable and affordable for everyone. 


Our Commitment and Belief

We believe that every person should have the opportunity to give music a try, regardless of age, race, religions, and socio-economic status.  We believe that every student is designed with a God-given creative potential just waiting to be expressed through music.  We believe that we can influence the sound of the created world in a positive way by helping students aspire to their personal best in music. 


Serving our Students - We offer music lessons that are affordable and enjoyable, using quality equipment that enhances learning within a safe and welcoming environment, and provide live performance opportunities each year. 


Caring for our Instructors - We carefully select music instructors that are an example to  students in character, competence, and cooperation with our vision. We also provide a well-organized and professional teaching environment to support each instructor. 


Authentic Relationship - We encourage the development of authentic relationships between the instructor and their students, promote Biblical values in our approach to everything, and help students select music that aligns with these visions and values. 


Studio Safety

NEW for 2021-2022

At Aspire we look forward to welcoming you back in person this semester. We have taken steps to continue to keep the music academy safe. Please remember to bring and wear your mask just before you sanitize and sign in at Aspire as they are mandatory when physical distancing cannot be maintained. Masks will also be available should you arrive without a mask. Observe guide markers in studios to maintain physical distancing during the lesson and when exiting the building. Students can also be welcomed back to Aspire through online learning. Your instructor may request that you attend the lesson in the studio possibly once-a-month, so questions may be further addressed, and form and tone can be observed in person.

Group Lesson Ensemble

An opportunity for students enrolled in weekly lessons to meet and play in a band setting on a Saturday afternoon. Please make inquires with your instructor.


Flex Lessons For Adults

For the adult learner looking for scheduling flexibility. Purchase  a prepaid group of 4 lessons to be used over a period of 8 weeks (Sept-Oct, Jan-Feb, May - June) or 3 lessons over 6 weeks (Nov-Dec, Mar - Apr) - lesson must be used within the said weeks. Lesson times will be available to book between a set weekly timeframe, but are confirmed by the student to instructor on a week-to-week basis. For details and instructor availability, please inquire with the office.